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Winget Package Index

When I (Stephan) started with WinTuner it was working only on Windows. One of the reason was that it used to start a new Process that called WinGet to load the latest version of a specific package.

Then came the idea to parse the package file and to pre-generate a winget packages index.

Index in WinTuner

Used automatically

You don't have to do anything to start using this package index. It's used automatically because it's way faster then starting a separate process.

This package index made WinTuner less dependend upon Windows.

Index files

You can use the index in your own application, by using any of these sources:

KindOnline linkDownload URL

Refreshing the Index

The open-source index files are periodicly updated by this GitHub Action. The current refresh schedule is: cron: '0 */6 * * *'

Get notified on package changes?

Would you be interested in receiving a HTTP Post with the packages that got update? Let us know in this discussion.