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Install WinTuner CLI in three steps.

Install Dotnet 8

It's a dotnet 8 application, so before you can install the cli, you'll have to install dotnet.

Install Dotnet 8 on Windows
# Other platforms just use the prefered way for that platform
# more information:
winget install --id Microsoft.DotNet.SDK.8 --source winget

# Add the nuget feed, if that is not already done
dotnet nuget add source --name

Install WinTuner CLI

If you have dotnet installed on your machine, you can go ahead and install the CLI

Install WinTuner CLI
dotnet tool install --global Svrooij.Winget-Intune.Cli

If this command finishes, in should print the command under which the cli is now available: wintuner (as of writting).

Update WinTuner CLI

To update WinTuner CLI the the latest version, you can execute the following command:

Update WinTuner CLI
dotnet tool update --global SvRooij.Winget-Intune.Cli

# Or to update to a specific version
dotnet tool update --global SvRooij.Winget-Intune.Cli --version "0.8.4" --no-cache